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Creativity breeds; what to do when you need inspiration

Skateboard videos.  Sometimes when I'm a bit sleepy (read hungover) on a weekend and I'm getting ready to go skateboarding with the crew I pop on a skate video in the back ground.  The weekend normally means an early start and some mornings I could use a little stoke!  It's the same with poetry, sometimes, I could use a little stoke.

We've all been there, those days when we lack inspiration.  Those days when we just can't seem to get anything down on the page, those days when everything we write just doesn't cut it.  First I would say write anyway, even if what you've written today is bad, at least you have written.  I try to write something everyday, and if you follow me on instagram you can see some of these daily scribbling's under the hashtag #notadaywithoutaline Writing everyday keeps me thinking and developing ideas.  Of course not all (read most) of the ideas are good, but at least I'm writing.  And every so often those ideas, some new, some old eventually develop into full poems that I use on stage.

Secondly when you're feeling really uninspired, remember, CREATIVITY BREEDS!  Its true!!  Whenever my tank is low I find surrounding myself with creative people is the best way for me to get inspired to be creative.  Recently I've found myself going to the Poetry Cafe for Poetry Unplugged and just sitting watching other poets.  Seeing other people perform gives me ideas and the drive to put pen to paper and start writing!  Just being around creative people makes me want to create!!

Back in May I started recording a podcast called 'Skateboarder And...', where I get to sit down with skateboarders who have an artistic passion.  Across eight episodes (number 9 is in the works), I've talked to; illustrators, photographers, company owners, furniture makers, artists and skate shop owners, and their passion is infectious.  The great upside to taking the time to sit down with all these creative people is that it's made me more creative!  It really has improved my writing, my drive and the ideas just kept coming.  I would advise everyone, when your tanks running low, push yourself to write something everyday (good or bad), watch/read other performers/poets and definitely talk to other creative people and share your ideas!

To listen to the latest episode of the Skateboarder And... podcast click below:

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