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Kevin 'Spanky' Long, call it a come back...

As Gil Scott Heron sang "No matter how far wrong you've gone, You can always turn around".  And this is the case for Kevin 'Spanky' Long.  Back in 2010 he had a part in EMERICA Stay Gold, was Pro on Baker Skateboards and had what looked like a promising future ahead of him.  By 2013 however after a lot of partying and a now legendary incident with fire he was dropped from the Baker skateboards team losing his Pro model and (I would think) his primary source of income.  That's when things got interesting... just launched a two part Epicaly Later'd 'Revisiting Kevin 'Spanky' Long' that documents his fall from pro to flow and his rise back to pro in 2015.  His journey is inspiring, and reminds us that no mater how far you feel you may have strayed from your current path, what ever it may be...put in the work and don't give up!

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