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At the end of last year I found myself in a home studio in Woodgreen (London), recording vocals for an article for US 'Stay Wild Magazine'.  They've been running a skate related series called 'A Guide to Cracks & Curbs' and my friend Hannah Bailey of Neon Stash, was tasked with creating an edit that represented London.  The owner/man in charge of this studio was Theo Krish, and recently he's been traveling around Palestine and along with his friend Philip Joa created the very beautiful 'Epicly Palestine'd: The Birth of Skateboarding in the West Bank'.  The short film follows a small group of teenagers who have managed to create a skate scene in a place where you can't even buy a skateboard, and all this whilst facing the challenge of living under military occupation.  Watch the full film below.

Click here to check out 'A Guide to Cracks & Curbs: London'

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