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Most people get three chances - I got FIVE

"Most people get three chances - I got FIVE" from Ode to Baudelaire by Kirsty Allison

Let me put my metaphorical cards on the table.  Kirsty Allison and I, are in a sense, estranged friends.  We roll in different circles but every so often the edges touch and we find ourselves sharing a stage somewhere.   I already admire her poetry greatly.  Kirsty has a rock and roll style that oozes a nonchalant coolness that means she could wear dark glasses in the dead of night and it wouldn't seem weird.

Of course Kirsty hasn't just released a standard poetry book.  'unedited' is a limited edition hand bound collection.  I didn't get in fast enough with my order so had to wait for the next batch.  It was worth it.  The book is hand crafted and contains images and illustrations alongside the poetry, mine has even been painted in.  The pages aren't neat, they're all different, some plain, some lined, some brown, some blue, brought together with Kirsty's poetry it's perfect.

The poems of course are beautiful, they make my mind bleed thoughts that inspire me to put my pen to paper.  To be inspired in my writing is why I read others poetry, and so much of what she's put together will influence how and what, I release in the future.  'unedited' I hope, will be the first of many collections Kirsty crafts and releases, and I'm hopeful our circles will meet again soon.

Find out more about Kirsty and purchase 'unedited' from
Kirsty Allison and I are both members of Lazy Gramaphone, to find out more visit

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