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Skateboarding, freedom and creativity?

I was interviewed last week for an upcoming documentary called 'We Can Fly'.  Currently scheduled for release in August it aims to look at the freedom and creativity embodied in skate culture.  As the project progresses, small 'Snippets' are being released to promote the project and you can see mine below:

Photographer Ben Gore also has a 'Snippet' out.  If you don't know Ben he was the first artist I interviewed on my podcast.  Both a great skateboarder and artist/photographer he talks about obsessing over projects and how he got into skate art through board graphics.

The film maker Kelli Watson is a teacher completing an MA who has a unique connection to skateboarding culture without actually being a 'skateboarder'.  Working with her students and for her MA she is having a positive impact on the culture many skateboarders (including myself) work hard to protect from 'outsiders'.

To find out more about 'We Can Fly' visit
Also check out the 'We can fly Facebook page

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