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In my mad scramble to salvage as much info from my old site as possible, I have come across a few things I'd forgotten.  The above is an awesome image taken by the photographer Katie Jackson.  Yes that is my poem (well part of it) written on a pregnant ladies belly!  Possibly the coolest surface my poetry has ever been written on.

Before you think I've gone soft, let me explain; Katie's partner Wesley and I had been friends for a long time through skateboarding, and eventually a long running open mic night at the now defunct Indy Club.  When they asked me to write a poem for there child's naming ceremony how could I refuse?  Quite easily.  I hadn't written poetry for anyone else up to that point, and don't think I've done it since.  That said, they are both awesome people and maybe it was a moment of weakness, but I took a short brief from Katie and off I went.  I find writing poetry for anyone other than myself really difficult and it's not a skill I have developed.  There are great poets out there who can create beautiful poetry for themselves and have created a business doing so.  I'm sure if you've read /heard my poetry you also know I don't really so 'love' either.

The day of the ceremony came, I was the most nervous I'd ever been (well apart from that time at the Edinburgh Fringe), but luckily, everyone loved it!

PS.  If you want some awesome poetry written for you, I'm definitely not your guy!  However my friend Ms. Moem is awesome and will be happily to create something for you...

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