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Part of me struggles with the phrase "no regrets". Whilst I understand not dwelling on the past, I almost relish and revel in my regrets. In a small way I'm proud of my regrets! And why not?

Each of my regrets (and there are many), has taught me a lesson I have learned from...even if that lesson was 'don't be so stupid'! The last few years have been a period of overhaul and change for me. It's been difficult but I'm glad I got through it and learnt so much, and these lessons will help me move forward. In view of all this change I wrote 'No Regrets'. In the video below I am performing it as part of a feature slot for FARRAGO London's longest running Poetry Slam hosted by poet John Paul O'Neill.

I hope you enjoy'd it as much as I do performing it. And if you get the chance get yourself down to a FARRAGO night!

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