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'Snap Shot Songs' bags British Composer Award

Firstly congratulations to Stuart Hancock who took home a British Composer Award last week for his excellent work on 'Snapshot Songs'. This means the work will be getting some coverage over the next few days which includes my poem 'This City' being performed with an 80 deep choir and a full orchestra!

The awards ceremony is going to be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on the Hear and Now programme at 10pm this Saturday (12th). Stuart's was the third of ten awards – you’ll hear his acceptance speech and the first two minutes’ worth of a compilation (covering excerpts of ‘This City’ / Mat Lloyd, ‘Bulletin 1’ / Kieron Rennie, and ‘Black Dog’ / Kate Donnachie, Bobbi Leet) and later in the show, an interview he did with the presenter at the after-party.

Finally BBC Three Counties Radio will be talking to Stuart about Snapshot Songs next Wednesday the 16th. He'll be on the Nick Coffer around 1.15 – and will hopefully get to play a song or two!

I still count my blessings that my work was chosen for the project and will not forget sitting in a sold out Barbican hearing it for the first time.

Both should be available to catch up on iPlayer if you miss them.

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