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Catching up with Skateboarder, artist, photographer Ben Gore

On Saturday I caught up with skateboarder, photographer and artist, Ben Gore at his 'I LUV U' exhibition celebrating Grime culture.  If you're not familiar with his work (you should be), he was the subject of the first episode of my podcast 'Skateboarder And...'  Ben is an artist, and photographer from Brighton whose pushing both his art and the culture of skateboarding forward with every project that he gets involved with!

This Sunday the teaser for the next episode of the 'Skateboarder And...' podcast will go out and it'll feature a short chat Ben and I had about the exhibition, current projects and his plans for the future.  Ben's got hustle!

Here's a little taste of the exhibition caught on film by Kelli from We Can Fly.  Look out for this weekends podcast for the full interview.

To find out more about Ben Gore
To check out the latest podcast visit

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