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'Skateboarder And...' latest episode is here

The latest episode of the 'Skateboarder And...' podcast has dropped and I got to sit down with, well talk on the phone with, skateboarder, owner of Freestyle Skate Store, Rad Dad, Martial Arts face kicker, lead singer of the band Cruel Prank, Yeah Buddy Wax CEO, and stalwart of the welsh skate scene Mr. Darran 'Grim' Ward!!! This ones a good’un!!

We talk about the history of Freestyle Skate Store, getting skate parks built properly, motorbikes, first boards, transition skating, the Welsh scene, dogs, tattoos, Zero trucker hats, depression, Carve Wicked, skaters smelling wax, the coronavirus, business rates and all sorts of other random guff!!!

Worth noting we recorded the episode before the government put outs its latest advice on the coronavirus, stay safe people.

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