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My brand new second collection of poetry!

From the introduction by Philip Levine:

"Mat had agreed to come and was driving over 8 hours from London to get to us. Anxiety hit me hard. Was Mat gonna get pissed with me? A talented individual not getting a platform he deserved and ringing me earlier from the car enthused by the thought of performing at the festival. He bound in and even though realising the situation wasn’t quite what it should have been, without hesitation grabbed a chair, dropped the mic, and just spoke out loud, captivating everyone in the room with his words."

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My first short collection of poetry, and one I'm still extremely proud of!

From the introduction:

"This is poetry that should be read out loud! Consciously written for a crowd of baying wolves, waiting to heckle the sacrificial poet, waiting for a chance to ignore and converse over the words of the poor soul on stage pouring their heart out. These words will not be talked over and this poet will not be ignored!"

"Part reasoned social comment, part explosive diatribe" DONT Magazine

"off beat poetry about real life" The London Paper

Available at all good bookshops and AMAZON WORLDWIDE


"The stories within this anthology entwine, narratives overlapping as they pass through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, before emerging at the last into old age. Exploring the theme of time, this collection embraces that unique relationship between words and pictures.  

Lazy Gramophone Press is an independent publisher that supports the development of artists and writers the world over. Featuring work from fifty-five contributors, containing thirteen short stories, nineteen poems and fifty-eight pieces of artwork, it is through Time that we pay testament to the power of collaboration..."

'...we'll bet you've never seen time as it's portrayed in this stunning new publication.' - Fabric Magazine.

'Time is a treasure box brimming with creativity and fresh talent.' - Rooms Magazine.

Available direct from LAZY GRAMOPHONE, AMAZON and all good bookshops!


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