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The 'Skateboarder And' podcast is back for series two!

The 'Skateboarder And...' podcast is back with series 2! Yes you heard it here first, a monthly dose of skateboarding culture right into your ear drums hosted by yours truly. 
Every episode I sit down with a skateboarder whose passion for skateboarding has helped fuel their creativity, whether it be; art, music, illustration, opening a skateshop, starting a company or something entirely different.
Listen to the teaser for the first episode of series two with skateboarder and DJ, producer, engineer, artist, designer, man behind the Echo Base podcast...Mr. Brown. 
He's just dropped his secound album 'Beats for days 2'!  You can purchase it on vinyl and cassette from all good records stores or direct from the man himself from
Episode 1 of series 2 drops on the 4th of December.

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