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Not sure what we were doing here, but the blond is Hannah 
I recently got to sit down with my friend Hannah Bailey for an upcoming episode of 'The Skateboarder And...' podcast.  If you missed the first episode of series two, I got to hang out in artist Mr. Browns studio and talk skateboarding, hip hop, creativity and his new album of course.  

Since I've been doing the podcast I've met a vast array of talented people, many of whom I'm glad to say are my friends, discuss their passions, choices and how they made time to make things happen.  The people I've met have inspired me, I definitely don't think by latest book would have come about if it hadn't been for sitting down with photographer Ben Gore for the first episode of series one. 

 One of the recurring topics in each episode is 'side hustle'. What I mean by that is, no matter what the persons job, family situation or cash flow, they find time to focus on their main passion/gaol.  And by focusing just a little at a time, day by day, week by week, their main passion in some cases is becoming or has become there full time occupation.  They find time.

When I met Hannah to record for the podcast it was at a House of Vans fund raising event for Skateistan.  Hannah who works for Skateistan as their Communications manager had organised the fundraiser which included an 
exclusive screening of their new animation "Her Story", a showing of the Highsnobiety documentary about Skateistans Skate School in Johannesburg "The Skateboard and The City" and the UK PREMIERE of all-girl feature length skate film Quit Your Day Job Vid.  It was a really positive night for Skateistan, female skateboarding and just skateboarding in general.

Of course on top of co-ordinating all of this she gave me an hour to chat about skateboarding, her career choices and how she ended up living in Berlin and working for Skateistan.  Another person whose positivity and drive inspires me to keep pushing forward.

Hannah's episode will be out in March however fear not the next episode of 'The Skateboarder And...' podcast will be available on the 1st of January.  Till then you can listen to the teaser below:

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