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The Skateboarder And podcast with Marvel's Nick Blood

We made it to series 3 of the 'Skateboarder And...' podcast of which I am your humble host, and this series starts with an #nbd

For the first episode of series three I got to sit down with skateboarder, actor, activist and member of the marvel universe, Mr. Nick Blood! We talk about skating Argos boards, Southbank, discovering Milton Keynes, double tongues, shell toes and moving to Bristol. We discuss getting into acting, working multiple jobs to pay for drama school, TV shows, films, realising your job is now public consumption - the anxiety that brings, and getting on Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.

Finally getting back in to skating and whether he'll return for another series of that Marvel show. Nick was a gent and this is one of the most interesting episodes of the podcast we've ever done.

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