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Dear Smoking - recorded live at h264

'Dear Smoking' recorded live on the inaugural h264 night at Londons Book Club. "Dear Smoking Having believed I’d escaped your husky grasp and raspy chokehold. I discovered you’d escaped to sunnier climates. It makes sense. Why stick to small gatherings of the converted, shivering in tiny wooden huts in the corners of grey tarmacked carparks? When you could be in the sun? More specifically in crowds of the unconverted, or lapsed worshippers who sit among your congregation paying homage to the centre of our solar system. Alas, I do not miss you, I don’t hold you in that high regard. However I cannot deny our time together. Like a Romeo and Juliet love story; I lied to my family of our relationship, knowing the trouble it would cause, and you made me pay. In more than money. You were abusive, but I loved you, or so I thought. Now I sit among others, as your long abandoned scent drifts around me. I want to tell them of our courtship, how many of my family you took before I decided enough, is enough! But they won’t listen. They’ve heard it all before. They know you’re a bitch, but they, are in love!"

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