Poet, Spoken Word Artist, Skateboarder...


"Mat Lloyd has the cap.  Mat Lloyd has the words.  All he needs now is the beard..." Scroobius Pip - Poet & Hip Hop recording artist

"If you have been fortunate enough to hear him read – which I have – then his style and context hit you right to your core. I was nodding when I first heard Mat. I can’t remember if it was ‘Two Inches to the Right’ or ‘Blokes’ but this work could be done when I am 100 years old and still be fresh."  Philip Levine - Artist & Co Founder of Lazy Gramophone

"His voice is instantly recognisable - a youthful and excitable manner, one of a man who sounds not quite ready to submit to the mundane-ness of grown up living." Foundry Magazine

"It offers a penetrating examination of contemporary male friendships, invoking the vocabulary of laddish banter (‘Every time I bone your missus / She gives me a doughnut. Slut’, only to pull the rug out from under the viewer in its final, wrenching seconds." The Sabotage

"Part social comment. Part explosive diatribe"  DONT Magazine

“Simply tells it how it is and is not ashamed of being a little different from your average Poet.” Shortfuse


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